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Kitchen Exhaust Fans Installation

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Our electricians provide exhaust fan ventilation systems and installation for commercial properties.

Commercial Exhaust Fans Installation

Our roof extraction & roof mounted exhaust fans solution provided great air circulation and air flow through exhaust fans and ducts. These systems can be installed with or retrofitted to existing heating and cooling ductwork. Commercial kitchen ventilation fans are energy efficient ensuring low energy consumption.

Commercial exhaust fans installation helps to maintain a room’s air quality by removing stale, stuffy air and replacing it with clean and fresh air.

Vertical Discharge Fan

  • Constructed from galvanized steel
  • Backward curved centrifuge impella
  • Speed controllable
  • Single phase or 3phase
  • Can discharge up to 2400 L/S at 400pa
  • Complies with Australian Standards

Inline Duct-mount Fan

  • Full steel construction
  • Direct drive centrifugal impella
  • Can be used for supply or exhaust systems
  • Single phase or 3phase
  • Speed controllable
  • Complies with Australian Standards

Best Commercial Exhaust Fans Installation Services

Everyone’s property is different. We provide a tailor made solution that specially designed for your commercial property.

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Industrial & Commercial Exhaust Fans

Installation, replacement & repair

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